suggested tag on daemon

  • So I get that Daemon is the mascot for the game, makes sense he has a cool aesthetic design, but the suggested tag is really misleading as he is the hardest character to play, with Cass and Zero following suit in that order, in my opinion. I would suggest swapping the suggested tag with Maeve's advanced tag, as she is far easier to play. Or just remove the tag from Daemon and put it on Gizmo instead, as she is also easier to play, but maybe not as easy as Maeve.

    I honestly feel that suggesting Daemon pulls new players toward him which is not good as they will probably fail miserably and be useless, of course not everyone who is new will do badly with him but the majority of Daemon's I run into, new or not, are not very good. Not bashing these people, it just reflects how difficult he is to play. Also his base mods are pretty bad, sharpened blade doesn't even work, the increased health can be helpful I guess for people new to him, but the increased shuriken range is not good and only really useful against a running Cass, if she is at that range with low hp.

    These are just my opinions, again not bashing anyone as I fully understand just how hard Daemon is to play, please remove his suggested tag and maybe change his base mods so he's more approachable to those who want to try him out ❤

  • Agreed. Daemon is good when a completly new players are playing and after a little bit of exp with the game he requiers much more skill to shine. Learning curve is really well implemented with this character but suggested as starting character is a bit too much. He is the perfect character to learn and appreciate importent traversing system of the game. And also he has best CC/combo capabilities in the game. Nothing to search here for new players.