New Cinematic


    A new cinematic was dropped randomly on their twitter, and it's great!

    We can see this picks up where the launch trailer left off with Daemon's hacking and release of the skeleton key, showing more of that vital scene which kickstarted Bleeding Edge as a group.

    Not a lot to pull from here, but we can confirm this scene is the same one from the Launch Trailer due to many contiguous elements at play, with the date being the only thing that's different. I have to wonder if it's a bit of a retcon from the date in the launch trailer, but either way 07/18/2050 makes perfect sense as the date that the Skeleton Key was released, and lines up perfectly with the timeline I posted in an older thread. It's good to know what the exact date was.

    Also good to know is that there is an icon for the Skeleton Key itself. Which is basically just an actual skeleton key with little horns on it. I'm sure that image will show up elsewhere in the future.