Miko' s Stasis is too short ranged

  • Her stasis ability compared to others is really, REALLY too short ranged especially since it last so little time, I like playing as Miko, but sometimes it get frustrating when everyone almost always manage to flee, while I never can because someone like Maeve can stop me from so far away especially with her damage range too, and also now that I think about it, there is even a bigger problem, in rare cases, I managed to put someone into stasis, but it lasted probably just a single frame and they just ran away... (I saw the skin change thing so yeah I'm sure i got them)

    So in few words besides that bug, in my opinion stasis should either last a little longer or have more basic range because in comparison others are too op

    (Sorry if I made any grammar mistake, english is not my "main" language)

  • Well, you can always mod it to last longer and have better range. I agree that it is one of the shortranged CC in the game (when compered to buttercups hook or bastardos leap). But take note it was not probably intended as such. The main use for statis is to interrupt channeled abilities (maeve's siphon life, bastardo's bladespin etc). On my opinion that is ok. Miko is already well balanced character in my opinion.

  • stasis is fine, take the range mod if you feel it needs it, but honestly the skill is so strong as it is it does not need a range increase at base.