Nerf Zerocool

  • Too much heal,too much speed

  • You can't nerf someone who is THE takedown target for the opposition team. He's fragile enough.

  • Too much heal,too much speed

    The developers are going to need a bit more feedback than that to act. Why and how should these two things be nerfed? The healing-per-second? The healing-per-tick? The healing deficiency the longer he heals? In regards to speed, how slow do you want him to be? He's already easily stunlocked and only has two stamina; besides that and Firewall, he's not very defensible.

    Zero Cool requires competition in the healing space before buffs and nerfs can be considered. Right now he's the most effective single target healer, I'll give you that, but with that comes the strategy of pushing him out of team's radius and the possibility of death. With high reward comes high risk.

  • @The-Kron yeah I agree, nerfing him would make him useless