Net Buttercup

  • Can we please nerf Buttercup, I think she need less of a health pool, and her grapple shouldn’t have as much range, and her attacks should be so fast

  • She seems to do a bit too well in most fights, yes. I often see her dealing a lot of damage, while having a huge health pool and by far the most impactful control capabilities in the game so far.
    The grapple is usually enhanced by one of the default mods, which is fine as it is one of her signature skills. I think reducing her basic attack damage, which she can chain easily thanks to her alternative dash and grapple, or the health pool would be good.

  • @airwalk5555 She already doesn't do a lot of damage, her damage is completely fine, I can assure you, she might need a nerf on her oil spill speed reduction mod, but the rest of her kit is just fine, a nidhoggr or el bastardo can deal with her very well.

  • She deals maybe around 70% the damage of a DPS while having nearly twice as much health and a lot more control. She also has quite good sustain, if you use her burl ability correctly, getting 2k healing is very possible. From my experience El Bastardo trades evenly with her, considering her way bigger healthpool, while her job usually isnt 1v1 or being a primary damage dealer at all. She offers way more to the team than El Bastardo, who only has to offer AOE damage and no relevant crowd control or team utility. In my opinion El Bastardo might as well be placed in the DPS category anyway. Just buff his damage a bit and nerf his shields, which should make him a bit less obnoxious, too.

  • I agree, shes way too overloaded.

    BC kit: A long range hook which is hard to dodge, an aoe slow which with the mod applies a 75% slow which persists for 3seconds after leaving the area and does damage for some bizarre reason, an aoe attack which does a decent amount of damage, and an instant 200 dmg nuke with knockback which is completely unreactable to. Then there's the 2 free charges she has which have 0 cd and are easily spammable, her "sprint" which gives her decent regen and mobility, the fact she can't be unmounted unless hit by hard cc (not even cage breaks it lel), her high base damage, and she has the highest base healthpool in the game! Let's also consider the fact that most of her mods are realllly good, only 3 or 4 are mediocre, while its the opposite for Makutu.

    Overall, Bc is absurdly overloaded and needs to be gutted, I have no idea as to how she went live in her curent state, and has yet to be hotfixed, unless NT have a thing for her, idk.

    Is there anything I missed? probably, cos of how absurd she is! If this next patch does not have balance changes, specifically nerfs for bc, then I don't know how much longer I'm going to play this with all honesty. Between BC and the horrid match making this game is starting to wear on me, which is a shame because at it's core it's a damn good game, just has huge problems which have failed to be addressed yet.

  • Imo, the most annoying thing is the slow debuff fron oil spill. I also do not underatand why it "stays" on you for some time. Why does miko's shield does not protect you in the same way? (LOL)
    And maybe her "get over here" range is slightly to big. Or maybe just get rid of the range buff mod?
    Everything other seems fair.
    She isnt as scary as a damage dealer becouse her combo timing is very easily parried (in fact its the easiest one i the game).

  • The thing is, she is really, really good at tanking. A tank's job is to protect the healer, and she has plenty of tools for that. If you ram into someone with your mount, you can displace them. If you hold your left click and release, you rush into enemies and displace them. This is something I don't see a lot of people use, but it's by far the best way to get the enemy off your healer. And also, the hook can displace the enemies. On top of that, you can have some really crazy speed with her! Considering the fact that her whip lash has a really short cool down, you can use the mod which gives you 20% speed bonus while using whip lash, and also use the mod for another 20% speed bonus for your burl, so you can chase any enemy or get out of any situation with ease. And we shouldn't forget about the freaking extra slow mod which literally makes you a sitting duck.