Cass needs huge buffs

  • Imo, cass is super weak compared to every other damage dealer. I can't even get into the fight without being comboed into oblivion. Its basically a 3v4

  • Defenitely not. Maybe you play her wrong or put on the wrong mods because she is one of my main and she destroys. Shes the best char who can get out of trouble because of her abilities and she dont even need to hoverboard. Shes the best at killing fleeing foes. Shes the only hybrid. Her spinning ult is very strong and charges fast. She can also carry games with her ult. Her fire is not that strong but her melee does a lot of damage. She or Gizmo will always have most damage end of round.

    Charakter you should go for as Cass

    Zero Cool and Gizmo.
    Also Makutu have no chance in a 1vs1 and also Bastardo.

    Heros you should avoid
    Buttercup, Maeve and Deamon only because of shurikans.

    Gameplay examples

    Maybe you change your opinion 😉

  • @SupermanDJ04299 If all you do is run in and try to melee people you are playing her wrong and she will be bad. You need to play her mostly as ranged and only brawl when there is low risk of getting hit back

  • Cass is good as is. I personally find her to be strongest hero with Maeve, but you play her as Cass not as other dps. She is very low health, so you have to mostly do damage with her ranged attack, then when there is single target you get in close and focus on them. If you need to leave, you have several escapes. She is advanced character, so it takes longer to learn play her right, but is well worth it.