We nees more numbers

  • Hi,
    So i've been playing for solid 60h+ and i like to look at this game as a competetive one.
    But my first issue is, that the game shows me way to few statistics.
    The descriptions of skills of the characters and way to scarce.

    Shuriken: slow enemies, and drain their health over time. (12 seconds)

    We know what abbility does. We know the cooldown.
    -what is the range
    -how many charges
    -how much does it slow
    -for how long does slow/bleed lasts
    -how much damage does it make (+bleed damage)

    It's the issue with all the abilities, buffs and debuffs in the game.

    It is very hard to calculate these numbers even in DOJO, becouse of the randomness of the AI.


  • @RustyBlasty Yes i agree and i said the same thing when microsoft sent me a survey about this game. The ability descriptions are much too basic and casual

    What i suggest is a system like in paladins. You keep the current basic info, but there is a button that says “see more” which then shows everything in depth about the ability

  • Yes. I've played a lot of Paladins and a similar problem exist there as well. Some information NEEDS to be given to the player. Because it's required to build a viable mod loadout. For example, in Paladins, there are 2 ways of increasing the reload speed of characters. Either through the loadouts that player makes before any match (Just like in BE) and, through an item in the item shop during the game. The game does not tell you that there is a hard cap of 60% for reload speed increase, and many players will waste their credits to make their reload speed faster by 80% or so by combining loadout and items, which does go over 60%. And it's not easy to tell there is a cap by just looking at the reload speed. That being said, there is only 2 hard caps in that game (for reload and cooldown reduction). So there is not even a reliable pattern for players to discover all the limitations. It's not hard for players to discover all these information. It's impossible !
    But at least in Paladins, we know how much damage each weapon does. Here, we don't even have that. We don't know if a damage increase for a character is worth it or not, because we don't know how many less hits it will take to kill an enemy with that increased damage. Which you might say, you can just test it out in dojo. But dojo, is under my control! I can't control my enemy for using or not using a hp increase mod, and as far as I checked, there is not even a way to see the other players' loadout. It's honestly stupid to go into dojo and test out everything, while realistically the game should tell you. How much do healers heal? We don't know. We can test out Mikko and Kulev by going into the dojo, lighting the fire and reducing our health, using the heal and see how much it heals (which is really stupid because a single number in the info screen, could save a lot of time!). But for ZeroCool, there is no way to accurately tell how much heal per second he has. I don't know the amount of healing reduction in Mekko's safe zone, the amount of Kulev's curse effectiveness, the health of Miko's shield... You get the idea. This much hidden information is atrocious! I can't be certain if a mod is useful in some situation or not, an ability is useful in certain situation or not. And it's not like the developers need to discover these so they can tell us. They have coded this $hit! The more information is in the game, the more approachable it will become, and the new players will be more comfortable to stick around for long.