Very minor Daemon buffs

  • Now, before I even start, I just want to say I know Daemon can be very devastating to the enemy team if in the hands of one who can play him well and runs good mods, I play the dude.

    With that said, I feel he could use just a little bit of love, mainly on his stealth. All I ask for is a very VERY minor invulnerability on stealth, maybe .25 or .3 seconds. Considering how risky and hard it is to play Daemon, and in retrospect how easy Maeve is, he get's knocked out of stealth on activation way too easily. Got a Gizmo trained on your booty? Gotta break LoS to stealth! Cass? well you won't stealth ever, as her autos are 3 seperate attacks! A Kulev annoying you? Still gotta break LoS, as his slow projectiles break stealth with ease! For someone with no real escape besides stealth, it feels really bad when you get knocked out of it so easily. I'm happy with a stray auto knocking me out of stealth, or an AoE (Besides Buttercup oil slick, why does that absurd skill do damage LOL) but the de-stealth on activation because of a stray auto or a ranged being locked on to you is just lame. Apologies for the rant.

    Also for those that want to run survivability, his 10 hp per auto mod should be changed to 10hp per hit, so it would work with shuriken, shift strike, and shadow strike, as in it's current form is complete garbo.

  • I Totally agree .. so many times i got de-stealth so fast .

  • I agree too. There is often no way to go stealth when range heros shooting you and it feels frustrating. And especially an ability who is on a 20 sec cooldown should be a little bit better.

  • @RageKrom I think it takes skill to jump into stealth and that’s fine but I wouldn’t complain if they buffed it. Personally I rarely get my stealth interrupted right away. Usually I’m able to escape and strategize. It’s Gizmos and Cass that can catch you with their projectiles if they spray the area. I try to dodge out of the way before I go stealth.

  • @RageKrom i personally don't think daemon needs any buffs. His stealth is already good where it is, you shouldn't stealth in front of them. He has probably the second best damage in the game along with nidhogg and can get out effectively. His shrunkens also do a lot of after effect damage that can bring zero cool to half health. He's balanced no need for buffs

  • @RageKrom I don't think daemon needs a buff at all he already is the greatest annoyance of healers, if you want him to be the genji of season 2 go off about the buffs. But I really don't think he needs any kind of buffs he's good as he is and if you getting countered switch.

  • Thanks for the replies, I like to see healthy discussions 😄

    I do agree that he doesn't really need buffs, I just feel his stealth could be more consistent. Just yesterday I broke LoS, hit stealth, got popped out of it straight away when nothing hit me, which was really frustrating, I think it's because Gizmo has hitscan maybe, or latency registered a projectile hitting me when it did not, either way was quite an annoyance at the time.

    Capo you make a good point, it is very easy for Gizmo and Cass to break Daemon stealth, Cass more so as it can be easy for her to stay on you when you dip behind a wall to stealth, the fact that each of her ranged attacks is 3 seperate projectiles completely nullifies stealth unless you can successfully break LoS.

    Supermandjo I would actually say that Daemon does indeed have the best damage in the game, with the most consistent burst potential, but at the cost of his 2 escape cd's and with the right mods. With clinger triple shurikens does a lot of damage, you can hit a squishy target up with 3 then give them a standard combo, they will probably die unless they can dodge or parry 🙂

    Votre I completely agree, Daemon is certainly the bane of healers, except Miko she can handle him fairly well. I didn't play Overhype so I don't get the Genji reference, and I am always willing to switch if Daemon isn't working well or doesn't fit the comp I'm playing with, normally falling back on Nidhoggr. But I feel that might be a big problem with most Daemon players, they don't know when to switch out or just aren't willing to although they aren't doing anything all game, for differing reasons.

    Again thanks for the replies, I still feel his stealth could use just a lil bit of love, but respect the replies and views you all bring to the conversation ❤

    Oh and one last thing, his "suggested" tag is misleading, as Daemon is arguably the hardest to play, but currently there are noobs picking him and performing badly, and by that I mean fresh low level players, seen it plenty of times myself since last patch. So I feel the tag should be on either Gizmo or Maeve, as both can be much easier to play.