Read this and do it please!

  • I know this idea probably went through your head and it was very good!
    we are several to claim this mode of play and without further ado I inform you of my request.
    Create a game mode with lanes, minions and turrets and of course 5v5 players.
    I know that there are already some games in this style, but I think that you and only you should bring this style of play to the xbox and its players and this by being the first to do it on this console! thank you for reading me looking forward to this mode.

  • Would be epic... Jungle daemon 😍

  • @COD-CHIEF-QC This game mode would be so original with its fighters and distopian futur instead of the fantasy mobas we already have. It would be epic and I'll play the heck out of it.

  • @COD-CHIEF-QC Yeah good idea, would be nice to have a mode like this.

  • No thnx, if I want that i'll just go play league, i'd rather not have NT have to balance around PvP AND PvE, it just causes problems.

  • The game would be ruined if it became a league of legends/dota 2 rip off.

    The game is unique because of the punishment you recieve when being hit and the evade/parry mechanic, I couldnt see those mechanics being utilized in a league style of game

  • Dude. just play some moba )