Going to try this on PC, as for XBOX.. it wasn't happening for me

  • Two days in, I just had to uninstall of my Xbox, (I have a 1 x it wasn't technical issues) it was the teams. Maybe because I'm more a PC player, and prefer the more social aspects, the more common use of comms or I'm just old... but the spaztic play of the Xbox community was a real turn off for me. Watching the one DPS player keep diving into a group of four, solo... and dying over and over... The "Casra choose a healer, but I'm gonna choose a healer too!" and we get smoked due to lack of dps (or worse I switch off of Zero Cool and one of the DPS or Tank players switches to him...) No one on comms, ever.

    There is something there worth playing in this game, I just... I like to win, I hate to lose due to avoidably bad decisions. I'll give feedback after I've put in a few days on PC.

  • Unfortunately this is not exclusive to Xbox, as the game is crossplay. This means both Xbox and PC players will have bad teams. I've blocked text chat because of the amount of abuse sore losers (and sore winners) hurl at teammates and opposition, so I settle for the decent ping system and common sense when the chaos of battle isn't too great.

    That said I hope you have a better experience regardless. ^^

  • @Johnbonne Well I didn't realize that... hmm, that changes things then.

  • @CasraTX Ya unfortunately playing on a PC compared to Xbox does not change much and it is crossplay between the two. I always use a mic on this game and any pvp online game. Anyone who does not use a mic really shouldnt be playing online pvp games.

  • @A-xX-L3g3nd-Xx Well As someone that has put over 20 years noe into various on line games, I know that I've gotten really tired of lack of team work and no comms, shame too because the bones are there for some fun.