• It seems that the FREELOADER mod doesn’t work as well as I’d hope.
    It states: Each successful basic attack grants 10HP.
    So I tried hitting 2 opponents at the same time and it only granted me 10 HP. I believe if you manage to strike 2 opponents with one strike, this mod should grant you 20 HP or 30 for 3 opponents etc. That is what you call a good reward for kicking butt.
    I absolutely love this mod.

    Note: accidentally posted this in general. It was meant to be feedback. Sorry for the double posts.

  • @CAPO-9

    Moved this to Feedback for you. 🙂

    Once could argue that the wording of the Mod is accurate for the reward, it doesn't state you receive 10hp per successful hit, rather you receiver 10hp for a successful basic attack. Your basic attack is successful regardless of how many enemies you manage to hit with it.

    But I see your point regarding the rewards from this mod for managing to hit multiple targets at once, definitely something to think about here.

    alt text