NT, what support do you need to add DmC Dante as a Guest Character?

  • As soon as this game was revealed, there was only one thought in my mind “What kind of guest characters could this have?”. After-all, the biggest sellers for any fighting game are the guest characters. So with that in-mind seems like the biggest candidate would be DmC’s Dante.

    Considering the game is being done by a lot of the same staff and even prominently lists DmC in the marketing, seems like a perfect fit. DmC is NTs cult hit that’s still greatly appreciated in the NT community after-all.
    So NT please let the community know what could get this ball rolling. Whether it be a petition, a tweet, or something else.

    Bring him home!
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  • that would be awesoome!

  • @Jawmuncher I’m guessing capcom still own the rights to the character, so they’d have to pay them to use him in this I think.

    If that is the case then I’d much rather they use their money to create their own original characters.