• Make this FREE TO PLAY, it’s probably the best model.
    A game this good will probably make me want to spend money on the season pass because it’s so fun and Iv always loved 3rd person games. But don’t make the season pass a clone of other season passes, make it unique. This game has too much flavor to be a clone.

    SEASON PASS should be affordable.
    You can even reward those who bought the game with a free season pass and more but please give players who did not buy, the chance to buy and get the same rewards. Some of us have game pass.

    This needs LOOT BOXES with most wanted items and a satisfying sound effect when unlocked.

    • Common
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary

    • Game Currencies
    • Skins
    • Emotes
    • Boards
    • Mods etc.

    • 50 tiers
    • Exclusive Rewards
    Free exclusive rewards for just playing is a generous system which will ultimately win you a loyal fan base.
    • Tier 25 grants 1 loot box
    • Tier 50 grants 1 loot box and more
    LOOT boxes are so rewarding that even 1 brings joy and is very satisfying to open.

    Season Pass 💰
    • Double XP for unlocking tiers
    • Bonus game currencies
    • 1 loot box for every 10 tiers, that is 5 loot boxes per season.

    NOTE: Please don’t make the tiers reward system cheesy and complex. I think it should be a simple yet attractive design. Fortnite for example, over complicated their loot system, packing the screen with information and making it cluttered.

    Last and very importantly, please don’t make the season tiers require a ton of hours per month to unlock all the rewards. Most people have families and jobs and priorities so they can’t afford to spend hours a day, every day to unlock everything. That’s what Iv noticed about season passes, they usually make you grind a ton to unlock 100 tiers which equates to you literally having to put like 1 hour or more every single day for the rest of your life to unlock everything. That’s why I recommended 50 tiers. The problem with mandatory grinds is that if you miss a day, you end up having to do 2 hours or 3 hours another day and ultimately it becomes like chores that stack on top of each other, it becomes a burden and that’s not good for life.
    People want to unlock the cool rewards in a season so it becomes a bummer when they can’t put in the hours to unlock everything.

    Note: Please make times in seasons unlockable after season is over rather than making them vanish. That will create a good catalog of collectible items.

  • Barring loot boxes, all of these are good ideas. There's just one problem: now's not the time to be making a Free-to-Play game, or any game for that matter. With the Corona Virus having all non-essential workers working from home, assets such as animation, modelling, rendering, texture work and so fourth for skins is going to be virtually impossible to make, or if it is possible it'll be a pain for the developers to work from home. Voice lines being recorded, or really any sound effects without a studio, are going to be difficult to manufacture as well.

    I'm also unsure how a season (or battle) pass can be "unique", but I'm willing to hear any suggestions you may have.

    Plus if the game is to do better Free-to-Play, it must have a more significant marketing campaign to celebrate this than a single E3 video in 2019. Microsoft haven't done so good by their latest first party release to a studio they acquired 2 years ago.

    I like what you're saying, and like another thread of yours I posted in we should have this conversation. I'm just not sure if now's the time. ^^

  • @Johnbonne I hear you man. I’m patient. I love this game and I’m willing to wait for this pandemic to end for them to be able to deliver more content. I’m hooked with what they have so far. Mastering El Bastardo and Daemon.

  • @CAPO-9 I hate loot boxes, free to play, and season passes.

  • @Flower-Ulysses yea I forgot the one thing I hate about seasons, it’s that items come and vanish. If you missed them, you miss them.

  • @CAPO-9 I sincerely hope they do not do that, hecking free to play stuff need to stop with that loot cr4p

  • @CAPO-9 F2P would be interesting however it will never happen for this game. It is intended to make games pass better so people will subscribe or stay subscribed

    Going free would eliminate this purpose because then it won’t be tied to games pass thus removing it’s primary purpose