Region servers?

  • Hello there!
    I was wondering, is there a way to see in what region or better what server we are connected? We all know at this point that the game sometimes could be full of lags and drops of frames, but I noticed that it's not always the same case...
    I play from Italy so matchmaking should put me into the EU servers but yesterday I was playing with people who were obviously speaking American.
    Is there a way to change servers or at least check into which server we are connected? Because I think most of the lag could be improved with a matchmaking based on geographical areas.

  • Seconded, I now there are always gonna be launch difficulties for a game but I really would like to know what my MS is for a competitive action game where timing is important, also if there are even servers close to australia

  • @eKEYN I’m from Australia and it’s hard to communicate and play as a team with people who don’t speak English. Being able to see which server you are in would definitely be helpful.