Why I won't buy this game (Xbox Game Pass)

  • To be honest. The game is more or less okay. It seems that it needs around a year or so to become good enough to play non-stop.

    Yet , I won't buy the game until the 60 fps caps is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY REMOVED.

    And YOU MUST fix and re-make the keyboard&mouse controls. It SUCKS, the way you have to drag the mouse to mark where you want to use your skill is absolutely hideous, I can't put the healing under my allies or use the bomb on my enemies at all. Or the barrier of ZeroCool , all these skills are absolutely useless on PC.

    Fix those 2 problems, ASAP.

  • The game is designed for a controller and its the better way to play most characters, you ignored that and are complaining about a secondary system people don't have an issue with on average, 60fps cap is due to the game being both competetive-action and cross-platform, it almost impossible for a dev to just bain-aid that issue, it requires an immense amount of animation tuning and overall consistency fixes to keep it consistent across the platforms.

    Also you already gave them what they want, you bought their game's pass and gave them a dollar, this game was designed for the game-pass, they do not care so please try to keep your criticism on-topic

  • Get an xbox controller bro... It's great with it... Mouse is useless here after all, it's an Xbox exclusive so use the controller 🎮

  • You absolutely do not have to use a controller. Both input methods are equal and you should just use whatever you're used to. That being said, on PC I recommend people set lock-on to toggle, and set targeting to camera for both options rather than auto or whatever the default is.

    As for aiming the abilities, well, that's part of the game. Nothing is a skillshot with the level of skill ceiling as battlerite, but that's necessary for the game to be playable on a limited device like a controller. When you're locked on to an enemy, the default location of an ability will be at their feet. This will let you quickly throw an ability like gizmos bomb at your enemy and be able to manually adjust it to where you want. A tap is just dead on your target, and holding it will allow for a quick adjustment if neccesary. Sometimes for an ability like kulev's totem or zero's wall it makes more sense to remove lock-on first so your ability isn't going directly to the enemy.

    As for the 60 fps cap, it's already been announced as a plan. The game will always internally function as a 60 fps game (think of it as a tickrate of 60), but on a capable pc it will render at a higher rate for a smoother image. This will allow pc players to play like we're used to playing but not provide a competitive advantage over console players which is important to maintain competitive integrity. We'll still have input at 120hz+, but my understanding is that we'll essentially be seeing interpolated frames rather than having an actual latency advantage. It'll definitely make everything look nicer and make the mouse input feel even better though.