Can this game promise it won't stop being playable?

  • I just have a simple question. This game looks rather nice to me, but I have been spurned by games like this before. Gigantic, MxM, Atlas reactor. Atlas reactor didn't even have a reason it couldn't be played offline. I would love to give this game a try, but every time I spend money on a game like this I suddenly can't play it anymore. What can these devs promise me for this game?

  • I agree 100% I would absolutely love some form of offline play, its my #1 request. I love this game so far and it has so much I adore art, lore, and gameplay wise but I'd rather be able to play it offline without the intrusion of "Online only"

  • Just a heads up that you can use the game pass for $1 to play the game for a month in case you aren't comfortable purchasing right away.

    Also I would expect this to have longevity even if with a niche audience, especially if they add in Ranked or add in eSports, mainly because of cross platform play. Steam charts are not a good indicator of player count as most play through Xbox or the MIcrosoft Store on PC.

  • I hope at the very least the dojo is something that could be accessed without the need for connecting to a server at first, I haven't tried the game offline yet to see if this is possible.

    I wonder how much of this game is reliant server-side, otherwise LAN support in the future could be good. Being a Microsoft game the servers should in theory just stay online even after this game no longer receives support, hopefully. For example I'm pretty sure you can still play the 2007 Shadowrun if a couple players decided to give it a go at the same time.

  • @Kenshiago just buy the game pass. youl get many many good single player games in it so it will still be worth your purchase, and then you can also play this, and if you like it, buy it, or continue to buy the game pass every month

  • @Jack-Pipsam

    Its possible they could release a patch that would allow offline access, I've tried accessing it offline and it does not work, you only have access to the title screen.

    If a patch ever does come though that would just put a big ol' smile on my face.

  • One of the reasons why I remember Shadowrun (2007) so well is not because I played it a lot, but because I could play it even when there was nobody online thanks to bot matches. It'd be a shame for this game to be unplayable either because the developers had to shut their doors and with them the servers, or if there's no players in either the near or distant future.

    However in this age of "Netflix for Games" and digital distribution, the certainty of being able to play games in the future isn't really there. I doubt Ninja Theory can make any promises because without going into grey/flat out illegal practices, one won't be able to play the game when it's officially closed down. Because of that I hope it has many more years of good health (and some bot-only modes would be good!)

  • @Johnbonne

    I don't see it as impossible for Ninja Theory to make an offline mode especially for people that paid for it (granted I'm just happy to support Ninja Theory since I've been a fan of theirs since Kung Fu Chaos). Eventually the servers will go down and hopefully by that time some form of offline access is made available, but I think at this moment the team is just working to make sure the game is optimized and functions properly.

    I for one have a lot of fun playing in the dojo against AIs testing my parrys and just having a 2v2 or 1v1 against the AI. Most of the people who are asking for an offline mode are probably in the same boat as me: A) they find playing with people online a hassle at times and would just like to play alone because they love the art, the lore, and the general gameplay and but don't enjoy the sometimes misbehavior of the online community. Or B) they paid for the game and would just like to have a product they can use when they please haha.

    Either way its a fantastic game and I can't wait to see where it goes and how it grows but I intend to be there with Ninja Theory each step of the way ❤