Matchmaking needs to change

  • I keep being put into games as a backfill because someone quit and the game is usually one sided already with the enemy team already having 550 points and they have control of the points matchmaking needs to change so your not put into a backfill to a game that your about to receive a loss from it really kills the quality of the game and makes playing bleeding edge suck SERIOUSLY

  • @I-J-DREAMS-I Yea it does suck backfill but if you are leaving games then you deserve it because thats part of the penalty

    You can’t have it both ways, getting to leave early when you want and still not have to backfill. If you don’t leave games early and this is happening a lot then I would say something is wrong

    In my experience I never leave games early so I basically never have to backfill which is a great thing. But it also means playing out those matches in which my team is getting hammered