im in a 13 min timer for a match

  • im on xbox and in a 3 man party waiting for a game

  • @look-joey It could be a bug but if you are able to find a match quickly in solo q then here’s what i think is going on.

    You probably have to wait longer because you’re in a party. The game is most likely trying to find another party of the same size to match you against which is a good thing

    Otherwise it becomes incredibly unbalanced and your party of 3 will stomp on randoms which is not going to be fun for anyone you play against. This is the correct way to do matchmaking and if it’s true then i applaud them for it

    In most games party matchmaking is incredibly bad because they prioritize speed at the expense of fairness. Now you have a fair system with a tradeoff. You can either play in a party and wait longer to find a match, or you can play alone and find a game much faster

    But either way, the games must be FAIR which is the most important thing, parties stomping on randoms is something that plagues most games. If bleeding edge can avoid this pitfall it will have a big advantage over other pvp games

  • @ShadoWawker we 4 man did it had a problem, we reset our xboxs and it fixed it

  • @look-joey said in im in a 13 min timer for a match:

    im on xbox and in a 3 man party waiting for a game

    Yeah, the first 2 days I had to wait like 7 minutes, I saw on twitter that a lot of people has the problem.
    Matchmaking in BE is really bad