Suggestion: Add a Warning when someone first leaves regarding leaver penalty

  • I feel like this is a really, REALLY obvious suggestion. Don't just smack people with the penalty blind, anytime someone leaves or just the first time, or have a 'don't warn me again' check box - state the leaver penalty, what it does and when it will come in to effect.

  • @Mitxel9703 i have seen a pic of this exact thing you are saying. idk have you tested it? i havent lol, i kinda dont want to either. idk maybe its a bug if it doesnt pop up.

  • @Mitxel9703 I'd agree for the first time only to not punish (but if it stays as is that's 100% fine with me). From there every leave should penalize you hard. Every single leave (like it does now). I love that the game forces leavers into a backfill loop and makes them learn to stay in games and accept their losses. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

    @D4m0R3d It does warn you on your first leave attempt. I've never ''legit'' attempted leave a game, but have clicked it out of curiosity.

  • I have not seen any warnings so it is most likely bugged. Also at no point in this suggestion have I said don't have a leaver penalty. But it is fair to warn people before applying it. I'm playing the PC version.