Nerf a nidhoggr

  • He has a lot of crowd control and his skills last a long time

  • @The-Avangard595

    i disagree

  • Laughs in METAL \m/>,<\m/

  • @The-Avangard595 I highly agree

    The devs need to extend his fire breath cool down

  • If that nerf but already, that guy is very broken.

  • The problem with these games is that it takes a lot for developers to do something with broken characters.

  • @The-Avangard595
    You have to take advantage of his slow combos, if you play miko, zerocool, makutu and even daemon you're gonna get wrecked, maeve counters him pretty well, same for gizmo if you stay with the team and keep your distance with him. Daemon is ok against him and cass too, but his true nemesis are maeve and kulev.

  • If I will try to take those advantages

  • @The-Avangard595 You can't really main in this game nor one trick, cause just like overwatch there seems to be like counters mechanics.

  • I already tell you that overwatch is something else there is no comparison

  • @The-Avangard595 said in Nerf a nidhoggr:

    He has a lot of crowd control and his skills last a long time

    That doesn't tell me why he should be nerfed though. Crowd Control is what he does, and if his skills didn't last a long time he'd not be worth picking. If he manages to hit someone with his slow attacks he deserves every bit of smugness he feels.

    The counter to Nidhoggr is essentially either staying out of reach with ranged attacks (Gizmo sans turrets is perfect for this), or dodging and parrying with melee attacks. As someone said elsewhere parrying is essentially the "I win button" if you can learn it effectively, and this applies to anyone up against Nidhoggr when using stamina is not an option.

    I honestly don't know how one can safely nerf Nidhoggr. I'm not saying you wanting nerfs is wrong, I'm just trying to find a compromise between keeping his core design philosophy in mind while also not undermining the numbers side of things.

    I'll have to look at his obvious inspiration, E.T.C from Heroes of the Storm for ideas on how to improve him. ^^

  • @The-Avangard595 Anyways he's slow and really struggles against maeve and el bastardo.