Make zero cool less dependent on teammates

  • We all know zero cool can only stay alive if people are protecting him. He has 0 independence and will lose in a 1v1 to literally any other hero in the game

    Problem is, most teams have no interest in defending the healer. What this means is that zero cool is only viable and useful in a small percentage of matches because he requires specific conditions in order to play effectively

    The goal should be for all characters to be viable every game, right now that is the case for miko and kulev because they are self sufficient and can easily stay alive on their own

    I have tried playing ZC in two games since the game launched and both times very early on i have switched because i was getting beat up and no one helped me. That is not a fun or engaging experience at all it’s depressing and makes me not want to ever play him

    I would like to see the devs change zero cool so that he has a much better escape or at least some burst self healing mechanic to keep himself alive longer. The drone is trash and makes no difference when he’s getting attacked

    If this would make him too strong overall then just nerf his healing beam slightly

  • @ShadoWawker ya wrong

    his high jump allows him to escape and his wall. just gotta be map aware. i dont play zero cool much. but in one of my games i think i only died once. not that my team was protecting me. just it was on landslide wich is a super good map for him. he can jump all the walls to avoid enemies and can easy block people off from him

    "most teams have no interest in defending the healer. "

    good teams are though. i tell my team all the time. hey tank you need to make sure our healer is protected.

    id say kulev needs more protection is some cases. it really depends on where you are on the map.

    so yea i guess zero cool has the least survivability in general. but in some cases hes better.

    plus i dont think they can change him to be more survivable. i think hes good where hes at. if they made him more survivable hed be OP. he already is OP with his heals. if you fight a good zero cool he can determine how the fight gos

  • @ShadoWawker

    His healing is too strong to make him independant. I'm a buttercup main who's dedicated to protecting his healers, so I like how he feels.