Lag and framerate issues still remain

  • I have not seen any improvement in these two areas since the second beta. I understand there was not much time between beta 2 and release but was really hoping to see some fixes

    I play wired now because wireless was atrocious for this game, but even though i usually don’t lag anymore, other people in the match still lag very very badly

    In addition, the framerate is still insanely low. Constant stuttering, dips, and sometimes the game completely freezes for a second or two (like when triggering blade dance) which is absolutely apalling

    If this game wants to attract new players and keep current ones, these two issues must be resolved immediately

  • I still have to wait 7 minutes to find a match, game seems to be broke

  • @IxIThe-Robin I have not waited over 25 seconds.....not sure why so long for you