Makutu: In the zone mode OP

  • I was doing some testing with the "in the zone" mod which reduces your cooldowns but 0.15sec for each successful basic attack. If you hold to extend your slaps each small slap is counted as a "basic attack". After my testing, this essentially halves all your cooldowns.

    Shoulder Charge: 14s CD > 6-7s CD with mod
    Speed/Heal Boost: 12s CD > 5s CD with mod
    Boop/Step-off: 11s CD > 4-5s CD with mod

    Now the negative to this is that you're almost stationary when doing a continuous slap so standing in the middle of a team fight holding slap probably isn't a good idea (unless you're being pocketed). But weaving in extended slaps into your combos when you have this mod equipped will make you significantly more sustainable.

    Note: this also appears to work for each hit on your extended uppercut at the end of a combo.

  • @ParalyticEMU

    try using it in game and your oppinion will probs change, you are better off doing the basic air combo in my oppinion. idk maybe not but the hand slapp shit dont stop them from moving so they can easy avoid you. maybe sometimes it will work well, like if you are attacking a group with it who are distracted, but otherwise i feel the default shit is better. i personally run a full heal focused mod build

  • @D4m0R3d yeah in reality when doing an actual basic combo you on really get about a 1-2 sec off your cooldowns in the average team fight. That's if you land about 1 - 2 full combos.

    in saying that, having CDR in a game based around abilities is pretty powerful and knowing that you can rapidly reduce your ability CD when your team is backing you up is amazing. its the base of all my builds atm.

    My main build is In the zone, love thy self & spread the love. So can spam the healthy ability.

  • Makutu is underpowered in any way and shape my man.

  • @SecretDesire534 wrong. hes one of those characters that is weak af sometimes. but OP AF others. it depends on what your team comp is. if you are rocking 2 healers makutu will be good. and if you rocking a zero cool. makutu will be good.