Is this game aimed at MTX?

  • I know I'll get the trolls for the title of this post but hey ho.

    I dont really care for Skins, trails etc. But if you take the avg credits you get over a set number of games ( around 16 credits per game avg ) and if you wanted to get the 20k Trail, you would need to play 1250 games to unlock it, the avg of 16 credits per would not inc lvling a char up as you get 50 credits per lvl.

    Now I know there are people that live for in game items and would gladly pay for credits, but having an item thats worth 20k it just way to high.

    Loving the game, still not heard a single player yet use a mic other than myself on the Xbox. So come on Xbox players pop your headset on and lets talk, you never know you might like it.

  • What the hell is "MTX"

  • @vDangnoob right? Do tell. I want to agree with your post but I have no idea "MTX" is

  • @vDangnoob said in Is this game aimed at MTX?:

    What the hell is "MTX"


    It stands for microtransactions

  • @SilentParasite i have been runing into quite a few peeps with mics lately. although i had a bug where i couldnt hear them. when i had the audio set to my headset for watever reason. had to leave it on default.