REQUEST: Speed setting for Dojo

  • Hello

    I have played a few team games so I get the general idea, but I would like to work on my micro mechanics like dodging abilities and parrying. Parry is really hard for me, I tried for like an hour and could only parry one or two of the four combo attacks reliably against one character. Having a speed setting to slow things down would help me to understand the animation. I could start at, say, 1/4x speed and once I could reliably parry there, move to 1/2 and then 3/4, etc.

    I hope this is the right place to put such a thing.. Anyways, thanks for the consideration.

  • I also want this for different reasons! Not sure how hard it would be to implement but when I'm trying to figure out how some interactions work I have to record me playing then go back and slow it down to see what exactly happened.

    Also, another bump to suggesting we can get in the same dojo as our party. Just make the leader able to control the settings or something.

  • Oh man they don't have that? I didn't even realize.. that would be so helpful! Thanks for contributing.