To The DEVS: Great game but could use a few things.


    Great work on the game I love it!

    Ive been thoroughly enjoying the game as I have been playing since the Feb. Beta but in my few hours playing there are a few annoyances.

    My friends and I agreed we would like to see a role cue:
    Especially when playing with randoms. Someone thats new to the game or ths type of team game has NO idea whats going on so they just rush to pick the character that looks the coolest without considering they may have 4 DPS characters on one team.(considering they know what a DPS is lol)

    We have nothing to work towards:
    Yes we have quite a few characters to level up and buy/unlock mods and boards and whats not but (I hate myself for saying this) a battlepass/fightpass or some kind of mission mode might be nice.

    I know its early and you guys must have a ton of stuff planned but what does endgame content look like for us? Ranked mode or something else amazing?

    Capture point is great. Collection not a huge fan of. The game launched yesterday and im by no means bored with the game however the people i have been playing it with and some commenters online agree these 2 modes WILL get old quickly

    An option to choose which game mode you want to go in before hand would suffice.

    Thats all that comes to my mind right now but to the Devs again...You the real MVPs.

    Hidro The first Bleeing Edge Fanboy

  • completely agree with you. my buddy and i play and noticed every random we play with ALWAYS picks a DPS. out of the 50+ games played maybe a few picked tank and/or healer. we are always stuck playing zero cool and buttercup. (lovin buttercup btw lol) but itd be nice to be able to play something else and still have a good team comp. i guess people just want to do damage and thats all they care about.
    they definitely need more game modes. Team death match, gladiator arena type match would be sweet.

  • @QuirkyQU33FER Correct!