Loss Stat Prevention:

  • To expand on the idea of reducing leavers, I would like to propose something I've noticed in the most recent Call of Duty game, loss stat prevention. Its function is simple; anyone that joins a match already in progress will not have that loss recorded in their history. However, if they join late and pull off a miraculous comeback, the win shall be rewarded + logged as usual. While punishing quitters is half of the battle, incentivizing people to stay in matches that are already in progress is the other half. A lot of good plans were in the works to address these problems after the 1st beta. I believe a function like this would be the cherry-on-top.

  • Best suggestion I seen so far on this forum. I would like this .

  • @Cold-Conduct

    sounds good

  • This is sensible. I'm trying to think of ways this can be exploited and can find none, so it's actually feasible. Ninja Theory should consider this one.

    That said, I am so glad to say that I've seen maybe a single leaver since they implemented the punishment during the beta, so that is doing it's job well lol. I keep reading people complain about them, so I imagine they themselves are in "leaver hell" or trying to up their MMR. If people stick with the game, I think you'll see a lot less leavers shortly.