• I thought for sure 100% there would be competitive mode on launch. Holy I was surprised to open the game and when I press fight it immediately queues me. Yikes. This games lasting appeal will be 2 weeks max without a rated competitive system. There's no point to play other than a few cosmetics. A game like this thrives on competition. I'm kind of scared that I have to post this in the first place tbh

  • Would love to see this, but atm I have played 23 games ( won 6 wow just wow ) and not 1 person used a mic or played as a team in all 23 games, the only reason we won those 6 is because the other team were 1 or 2 players down.

    I love playing as Support, its my go to on any game I play that uses a Support role, but in all those 23 games I played no one stuck together for heals, so when I was trying to reach lone wolf McQuade I would just get owned by 2 or 3 of the other team.

    So I am hanging up my Support boots until players learn that a game like this needs voice chat and team work.

  • @xBobbyWave
    They're gonna probably release it, you just gotta wait, just like for mekko.

  • @xBobbyWave most games dont launch with ranked modes right away. Overwatch was just quick play for months after launch