• So I played a game, a full game as healer, I got top heals and capture point score and all I got was 1 credit.....
    Please tell me this is a bug, if not I cannot see me playing much more, its bad that a round in the game ( without lvling your char ) gives from 11 - 16 credits, and thats if you do well, when most things cost 200+ credits ( except decals ). I feel the credit system needs looking at, as players won't want to play 20 - 40 games to get a spray.

    Also, why are there so many lone wolf types? No one uses a mic, I have played 15 games and won 4, thats all because players either leave the game, or just dont like team play and go off alone, add the above issue with the credits, its very disheartening.

    I love the game, I do, but unless players are willing to play together and help each other out it will just cause rage quits more than it is now.

    And yes I have asked around for a group on the Find a group forum post with no luck. Xbox.

  • @SilentParasite

    i doubt this is intended

    "Also, why are there so many lone wolf types? No one uses a mic,"

    are you using a mic?

    i use a mic and yea rarely ever run into others who use a mic, but this isnt a dev issue. the lone wolf type people are just the idiots who dont know what they are doing just yet. hopefully they will learn

  • @D4m0R3d Yes I use a mic and its the first thing I ask when I enter the game, is there anyone else on a mic, I know my mic is working as I see my name with the mic symbol appear when I talk and I have checked it is loud enough in the Xbox settings.
    I know this is not a dev issue thats why I posted in the General Post of the forum.

    All in all played 26 games and not one other player I have played with used a mic, even as I play support and I call out for help or call to go capture a base or collect cells, no one responds and just chases down the kill.

    Tried joining a few friends to group with, we could not get into a game, but if I queue solo it is less than 30 secs wait.

  • @SilentParasite

    yea well the game only just launched, they will have to sort out those bugs. not sure whats going on with you not finding any other players with mics, just recently i probs got 4 games where people had mics, and it was basically in a row. one game everyone had a mic. its just the luck of the draw.