Bleeding Edge Wishlist

  • @PureLukeey123 Its a fair amount I'd say. Yes I'd like to see more but that's not too big an issue since the game just came out and theres not a lotta cosmetics anyway. Personally, I got the dragon board and purple cosmic trail and this was all in beta.

  • @Hiro-Kitsu Would role preference overtake character preference so people can still flex their selections within the category of choice. Character preference I feel would lead to "I'm a <insert character name> main and I won't ever play unless I can get that one specific character, even if it doesn't make sense for the team".

    My list is more in terms of longevity and not just right now, and also considers the upkeep and incentive for devs to keep pushing content out.

    6? Gradually advancing environmental hazards? For instance, the missiles are cool already, but what if they got progressively more map wide or worse, such as napalm (% dmg missiles drop and catch a small area on fire) or a slowing goo (like Bcup's ability)? The trains could stop halfway and create obstructions on the map or derail, creating new cover? The maps feel like they are lacking a bit of gusto and life, compared to the world that's being portrayed as lively and bright.

    7? Some kind of "build a bot" mode where you run around picking up augments on the map (after you fight over them of course where one character has to hack the box its locked in or something) and you build some kind of automaton that you have to escort to a spot on the map. It would create a nice tug of war effect I think, since the enemy can destroy said bot and grab parts and do the same thing. If both teams have a bot, could be a sort of bot fight in the middle where the teams could support for a winner? Might be too much involved there but I see it in my head.

    8? The boards have a lot of depth and customization, but the character skins are a bit lacking. I am sure its a "test the waters" thing but I think those would be good value to monetize (before I get crucified here, the longevity of the game is reliant on some kind of consistent income for the devs and this is already a world where cosmetics could be wonderful as they are with the boards and trails).

    9? Main menu cosmetics? Right now, everyone sees Great Value Graffiti Genji on the main screen - it would be neat to buy some sort of a main screen animation for your favorite character or create some kind of a "playlist" of cool intro screens.

    10? Multiplayer dojo? Would be cool for groups or teams to test out coordinated ults or abilities to see how they work in synchronous (would make for some nice YT videos too).

    11? The grind for credits is real. I imagine there could be more credits gained in ranked, or maybe an overhaul of what amounts to credit earning gameplay.

    12? Audio bits to create more sense of scale that the trailer had. Crowd cheering, announcers/announcer packs, oomphier guns and ranged attacks, snappy cross talk in game when someone gets a kill or something of the sort. Its a bit MOBA, but there's something to be had in the world feeling more alive and like I mentioned before, there's a lot of character and spunk in the world lore already. Just doesn't come through while playing.

    13? The Final Cam maybe could just be the highlights instead. Power Cell final cams are often pretty lackluster due to it just being "character placing cells" while off in the distance there's a huge teamfight where someone pops off to protect the turn in.

    That's as much as I thought of/stole so far. There'll be more since I keep compiling bits from friends and whatnot.

  • @AngelsoftheAir

    A team isn't good if she's not doing what the game mode requires you to do. A good team would be grouped up collecting power cells and delevering them, and killing the enemy team one that is completed or killing the team to steal their power cells.

  • @Aarospoon You have people cheering for you, heard it so many times, but I agree with the rest, it's great without feeling like, you want to pmake the game yours like the first post shows it to be.

    Grafitti genbji is their mascott but I just think that there's better mascotts on the game than him.
    For me gizmo, makutu and maeve all have a fair shot at being one. Miko is too mystirious, kulev doesn't fit the role for some kind of reason and zerocool, is too lucio mercy lool alike to be one I guess.

  • @Aarospoon First and foremost, I hope that everyone is safe at home and healthy.

    That being said, I hope that the developers are working (or consider) some of our suggestions. Too add a few onto the already posted wishlist items:

    7a. Maybe another mode suggestion: Allow 5 v 5 matches. This could encourage teams to split into pairs of 2 or 3 and create more varying engagements. If a team is overwhelming ahead of their opponents, perhaps they could open up all the points which allows the enemy the opportunity to capture multiple points and attempt to catch up.

    7b. PVE mode: 4 player vs AIs.

    1. Either make the color reskins level progression rewards or perhaps add a color wheel. Aside from that, I agree with adding more varied and themed skins. Each characters' body designs are distinguishable enough to apply different and creative skins (cyberpunk, gothic, steampunk, cultural, holiday, etc). Being a Microsoft developer, perhaps adding in themed skins from other franchises like Halo, Gears, Ori, Sea of Thieves, Recore, etc.

    2. Daily, weekly and character specific challenges could earn credits. I'm actually surprised these aren't present because I thought they were there during the alpha/beta (but for boards?). Anything that adds to either character progression would help the longevity of the game.

    Really enjoying the game but can definitely see the short lifespan presented. Hopefully Ninja Theory add more content quickly and continue supporting the game. Wouldn't even mind fair and reasonably priced microtransactions. Of course, their health safety is paramount but please don't let this game vanish into obscurity.

  • @l-Axios-l They're working on many modes, bu they can't introduce them now, since they wanna focus on the game's bugs and weakpoints before introducing new features that could introduce new bugs and weakpoints, that's why mekko is only coming next week or so.

  • @Votre-Daron Thanks for the response. It's good to hear that they're working on more stuff.

    That being said (without sound too entitled), I wish that they had launched with more content (supplementary features) or maybe pushed back the launch into summer. If the COVID-19 health crisis affected the last parts of development, that's something no one could predict and that's acceptable. However, a well-received launch with immense positive reception from the gaming community would draw in more players. Right now IMO this game is kinda getting lost in the conversation between Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing and upcoming FF7 Remake.

  • @Votre-Daron I guess what I mean isn't to remove Daemon as a mascot of any kind, but to supplement that with some other options (be it through microtransactions, in game currency or whatever) to make the main menu potentially more unique to each player. Streamers loading up to show their favorite character with their favorite board and trail combination floating on the main screen would be kind of neat for example and that gives so many people so many options to make the front something that is theirs to look at while waiting. Its also a nice little extra way for the devs to make sure the game is paying them back.

    Regardless of what my feelings are, what could be good for long term income and for user personalizing (someone is going to want hoverwheelchairmercio as their front page) still stands. I figured as a wishlist, we shouldn't just be voicing what we want for ourselves but what could work for the longevity of the game if we already like it and I'm guessing folks on the forums are typing and posting because they like the game :).

    @l-Axios-l 7b is a great idea. Could be super low rewards, or none at all, to prevent farming and abuse. Comments on your suggestions (because they are fantastic suggestions)

    1. I have always loved color wheels in RPGs and solo games, but color wheels could take a bit away from monetization options no? Or maybe color wheel existing unlocked skins so you can vary the layout of the colors a bit without affecting the cosmetics or shape of the skin itself. Hopefully if they show enough traction with the community, MGS will actually look into branching them out a bit.

    2. If we could upvote comments, this would be it. Character unique challenges would be amazing. Not just "get 20 kills" but something specific like "get a three man ride the lightning stun 5 times - 50 credits" would be neat.

    The microtransaction comment is good and serious because we all know for a game to be successful these days, there needs to be a stretch goal for the players and that stretch needs to pay out for the devs as well. I really don't want this game to be Paragon'd, because there's a large enough community of people who liked Paragon, Gigantic and other games of that style. This has feels from all of those, but those all faced the same end. I, like @l-Axios-l , don't want this thing to fade away especially during such a rough Titanfall-esque release window.

  • @Aarospoon Thanks for the reply. Your ideas were awesome as well and reasonably sound with regards to potential MTX. I was really surprised not to see any from this type of game.

    Instead of just suggesting skin ideas, I wish I could actually draft up some designs. However, my art skills are severely lacking. Without infringing on copyrighted IPs, I hope that Ninja Theory draws inspiration from other media sources and franchises (anime, movies, cartoons, comics, etc).

  • @l-Axios-l I am incredibly weak in the art department. That could be a community competition actually - community votes on the top 24 skins (2 per hero) and that could be a quick way to get someone in the community some recognition, allow the community a small, slightly significant bit of direct feedback and monetize the skin game a bit.