Daemon the under balanced fighter

  • Daemon is a good character don’t get me wrong. But his shift ability is horrible he can get hit out of it and it doesn’t go very far. I think it should get buffed like give it invincibility frames on the dash and if you choose to do the spin attack the invisibility goes away. If they choose not to do that then give him two or three shift’s so he can do it two or three time in a row. Without invincibility frames overall it just needs a buff and I understand the game just came out. But it’s good to update things now then to do it later and things get outta hand.

  • @YBKmeatbeat
    nah i disagree, i think its fine. would be anoying and wierd if you couldnt hit him while he did it. plus i see no reason why he NEEDs this

  • @YBKmeatbeat You already have hard time hitting him while invisible, he does already a lot of damage, can sleep you and has two great ults. Don't think it's great to make him invincible.

  • @YBKmeatbeat Daemon? Under Balanced? Hell no. Dude has the most flexible kit in the game for a dps.

    Not sure about you, but I barely die. I think you need to just practice a bit more and you'll see his strengths. Either that, or he's not your playstyle (as many just use him cause he looks cool and not much else).