So afraid for this game...

  • This may be a VERY unpopular opinion... and I can't believe I'm even putting this out there.....but the game needs micro transactions. I would HAPPILY pay for digital content and cosmetics in this game, and give the game more money and value, so the devs can justify more development investments. I LOOOVE this game so much, but it needs content painfully so.

  • @Omid-RG

    I totally agree, but whenever I show people this game, they keep talking about how its similar to overwatch and that when they've seen gameplay, they talk about the framerate issues and the lack of gamemodes, maps, and cosmetics customization. And they aren't wrong either. I understand that indie developers made this, but that wont help this game stay up. Until these issues are addressed, more people wont be incentive to purchase and play the game.

  • @Huntilla

    I see where your coming from, but the player base probably will not like the decision to add micro transactions into the game. Unless the skins look amazing, I dont think micro transactions would help.

  • @Votre-Daron Just play the crap out of it. Hype it up. Defend it at any possible opportunity. Too many people are focusing on what's not there as opposed to appreciating what is there. Then that leads to people being turned away. It leads to people calling it a dead game (only a month after release which is just stupid and short-sighted xD) which then leads to more people being turned away. Remind EVERYONE why this game is unique and fun and pretty and worth it!

    The more time goes by, the better players get at the game, the more players start playing...this game should and WILL succeed. We just need to love it as it is and then we'll be well rewarded with what comes after (new fighters, maps, cosmetics, modes, ranked, professional esport league, etc).

  • @ShadoWawker said in So afraid for this game...:

    @Votre-Daron The biggest reason i can see for this game to fail is the lag and framerate issues. If these are not improved significantly then many people including myself will get fed up and stop playing very quickly

    If they fix those then it will do just fine because the gameplay is fun. Due to games pass, bleeding edge has access to a playerbase that does not require any advertising. Pretty much every who owns GP will know that they can play this game with their subscription and a lot of them will at least try it

    It's a game with a passionate (but small) team behind it. They'll fix things in time. Don't let it stop you from playing

  • @Votre-Daron yea I Just started to play and was put on by someone who knew I used to play "gigantic" before it flopped and closed servers. This game reminds me of that more than overwatch, yet ppl also related gigantic to overwatch as well.. I really hope this game succeeds.