More Keybinding?

  • So have the devs mentioned anything about adding keys to be re-bound like the directional keys and other button that are currently unable to be re-bound (delete, end page down). I'm a lefty, and these are my go-to buttons for movement. Thanks guys!

  • @grizzledgamer

    lol what do you normally have jump on if you are playing with arrow keys. also i reckon you should just give controller a go. in this game controller feels better than keyboard to me and im a pc player.

  • @grizzledgamer

    I can tell you how to turn your normal keyboard into a full left-handed keyboard for any usage ! If you are interested, find me on discord : OmidRG#3598

  • I just want the ability to keybind the ping button to a single key on m&k without having to hold alt+ a button.

  • @D4m0R3d Tomatoe, tomat-toe. I tried both and prefer the feel of m&k.