• These are my own opinions based on what i encountered during Beta Weekend #2 (Other Tests may come up as examples).

    General Feedback:

    The game-play itself is fluid, the down time between points feels right for gaining map control and deciding how you are going to approach the next fight and objective. Other than a few tweaks here and there I would say fighter balancing is in a good place, team comps can vary and very easily still perform well and win, which is good. Variety is key.

    Lag, Teleportation and General Connection Issues:

    This was a really big problem this weekend, so much so that its barely playable when this happens.

    What I believe is causing the issue is multiple regions in one game, I myself played against a Brazilian 4 stack, NA 4 Stack, a 4 Stack including Middle East and East Asia, and OCE regions.

    In a game that requires timing for parry's and dodges it makes the game-play unplayable.

    I was back-filling/solo queuing into these games on my own which I am from EU.

    I could tell a huge difference between EU players and other regions.

    Game-play Reference Videos:

    Quite frankly the above clips were in some of best games out of the ones that had the issues (which was at minimum half of my games).


    3 options really,

    • Have a region select/multi select option.

    • Make it like the Alpha where you would play in the hosts region.

    • Scrap it all together and only allow same region play.

    Realistically this needs to be priority #1!

    Performance Issues:

    • Frame Rate Drops

    • El Bastardo Death Spiral Frame Drops

    • El Bastardo Ultimate ability's freeze your game for 1-2 seconds upon activation.

    • Makutu Barge freezes the game for a second upon activation.

    General Bugs:

    • Whenever an Objective or Cells is captured/handed in the background music ramps up to volume 1000 for a few seconds, it is deafening.

    • Patch notes on Xbox do not let you scroll down, flicking to the next tab and going back also changes If you are at the top or the bottom of the patch notes.

    • When signed into multiple accounts you still cant scroll down the drop down menus in stats or mods

    • Watch Zone had terrible lag when watching, it would freeze every 2 seconds even if i used rewind so i wasn't watching live.

    Fighter Balancing:


    Slow NEEDS a nerf, i'm not sure if it was bugged this test but it felt like as a melee fighter you were constantly slowed to snail pace until the buttercup died regardless of cleansing or leaving the puddle.


    Not sure exactly what can happen to Miko but she does feel a little strong, maybe reduce self heal or increase the cool-down on stasis. (I'm not sure if stasis has this but maybe add a marker on the floor similar to Maeves cage so it can be dodged more reliably)


    I still feel his passive heals need a slight buff in base healing to make him viable as a solo healer, right now most comps take Miko and Kulev together and i feel each healer needs to be able to hold there own doing that role.

    Zero Cool:

    1UP should NOT give full HP back! 50% HP restored or 25% HP with 2/3 seconds Immunity so he can relocate to get heals would seem more balanced.


    Daemon should not have infinite stealth, i think double the duration would still be incredibly strong.


    Can't Touch Us should not allow fighters to cash in cells as they are un-hittable and it doesn't cancel the cash in.


    • XP, Mods and Cosmetic Currency felt in a good place once doubled, I feel this should be the default amount.

    • Free Aim Sensitivity slider for things such as ZC Wall and Gizmo Sucka.

    • Duplicate Mods (Default Mods Especially) should not be a thing! I should get a new mod every time.

    • The ability to use any mod for free in the Dojo would be great so people know if they want to spend there well earned mod parts on that mod without losing 200 parts.

    • Being able to enter the Dojo with another person (whole group if possible).

    • Damage Numbers (ONLY in the Dojo) would be helpful

    • Knowing all ability duration's and base dmg/healing ect so we know exactly what the mods will increase.

    I may of missed some things but these are the main things that I got from this weekends beta. I am thoroughly looking forward to this game but the lag issues alone scare me for whats to come.

    All I ask is you be transparent about things that are happening.

    Especially with letting people know what is being looked at Priority wise before release! As some of these issues during the beta will/have put people off and need to be reassured something is happening.

    Thanks, have a great day!