Nidhöggr needs some nerfs

  • After playing the first and now the second closed beta I can say with certainty that Nidhöggr need some nerfs/changes. From my experience he has a bit too much health for a melee character with his damage cc capabilities. It seems like death growl is vastly overshadowed by ride the lightning in every way. I’m suggesting that his hp be reduced to 750 and his hp mod metal head have its hp reduced to 50. With how much damage he can do right now I feel he could be a bit squishier.lastly I think that ride the lightning needs to be changed, it does basically the same thing as death growl only better and thus makes it the only useful super. I’m suggesting that it is turned into a big aoe buff/debuff for allies/enemys inside the circle, keep the damage, and keep the stationary channeling. I’m sure this would be a welcomed change to him as right now he seems a bit overturned. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions from any other players and I can’t wait for the release! Thank you for your time.

  • @Reppoc12

    death growl cancels abilities. whereas ride the lightning stuns peeps and damages them. I'm confused. how are they the same?

    and idk man i think its still to earl to say that, he seems right where he should be to me. he definately does good damage, but idk yea with all the other misfits i feel hes just fine.

  • @D4m0R3d both supers have the same use don’t they? They’re both aoe cc supers. Ride the lightning is much better suited for it tho because it stuns the enemy’s in place while your teammates can easily kill them whereas death growl is just a silence that sill allows the enemy’s to do basic attacks and move. I can see the uses for death growl in different situations but it just seems that ride the lightning would be better in those same situations.

  • @Reppoc12

    death growl is better for a coordinated team. it will probs be better in comp. death growl is defensive and ride the lightning is for attacking.

    "both supers have the same use don’t they? They’re both aoe cc supers."

    and with this logic. 7 other ults from other characters are the exact same because they are aoe cc supers

  • I guess if they remove one of his stamina bars, it would be much more balanced. He has a lot of damage burst with decent sustain, with too much health. So it would make sense to make him have low mobility. He basically has 4 dashes right now.

    As for death growl, they could make it have a blinding effect or something, that will make it more interesting.

  • @Omid-RG he’s strong but I wouldn’t call him op. He has no verticality to chase people like gizmo and zero. He’s really the only char that counters bastardo. Maybe Cass too? He’s super predictable both attack and ability wise. Boomitar is easy to dodge. His attack chain is slow. He’s like daemon in the fact you can’t just let him in the backline to run free or he’ll kill your team.

    Ride the lightning is only better for wombo combo with like Cass or Maeve. I can’t tell u how many times I’ve killed a nidhogger riding the lightning. He rarely gets the whole team, and a sucka or boomitar can interrupt it. Death growl is incredible for killing priority targets. Stopping a Maeve vanish/toil and trouble,Zerocool wall, or shutting down Kulev when he’s got no shield or pool is super satisfying.

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  • @D4m0R3d

    “and with this logic. 7 other ults from other characters are the exact same because they are aoe cc supers”

    My point is that Nidhöggr has two supers that have the same concept, aoe cc, all the other misfits have 2 supers that are very different. But when you look at the applications of nidhöggrs two supers they both are focused around cc.

    I’ll definitely have to try death growl more then I have to really see what you mean though. But I’ll at the very least stand by my point that he has too much hp for a character with his damage and cc.

  • we understand that Nidhöggr has similar cc supers, but work differently. ride the lightning stuns within a small area around him, however, those trapped in can be cleansed with mikos super and a mod that makes the target invulnerable, or makutas ult where it makes everybody invulnerable. plus death growl is instant and harder to cancel than ride the lightning (RTL). his health does give him a lot of survivability, but so does his passive, and depending on what mod configuration you have, you have a nasty Nidhöggr. nerfing his health and metalhead could make it more interesting to play, but healing in this game makes it to where hes always at a good health range to brawl.

    who knows, maybe they will nerf his health, but instead, maybe look at his mod configuration abilities. he can be pretty strong, no doubt.