Character Specific Controls Maybe?

  • So I just wanted to suggest something that I've recently took advantage of playing other hero-based shooters, having character-specific control options. I'm sure this suggestion has come up in the past but I wanted to voice my opinion anyway. My muscle memory has me reaching for different buttons based on if I'm playing a melee-focused hero like Miko, and a projectile (technically hybrid hero) hero like Cass. When ever I play Miko I instinctively reach for the "X" button (I play on XBOX) to do the default combo, before realizing that "RT" is the basic melee button. Coincidentally, when I play Cass, having "RT" as her default combo (the feather shooting attack) feels more natural. I was just searching through the control options and figured having something like that would be helpful.

    Other than that, I also realized that the tank v. support match up is pretty difficult to deal with (for the support). This may be just me, and always finding myself away from the team at the worst times, but in my playings, when I get targeted by a tank as a support player, I pretty much have no choice but to run. And that's assuming they don't chase me down, which pretty much leads to me losing that fight lol. I noticed that supports do no knockback to the tanks, which makes sense, just an unfortunate thing I noticed when playing.

    Nevertheless I really enjoy Bleeding Edge. I'm trying to get my friends interested, but I don't even think they know this game exists. But I'm looking forward to any new content coming out, plus the actual release as well lol!