Need separate input remapping for every hero

  • First of all I want to point out that the current system is not bad, but i would call it a level 2 system

    Level 1 is having a set number of predetermined options for controller layouts and forcing players to choose one of these options. For example: default, southpaw, bumper jumper etc

    Level 2 is what this game has now, a system that allows any input to be remapped to another but these custom inputs apply to all heroes

    Level 3 is the gold standard, and makes every game that has it significantly better immediately (like overwatch/paladins). This allows players to remap inputs on a per hero basis, which means for example that I could have special 1 be bound to X on maeve but Y on gizmo and right bumper on cass

    It really allows the players to maximize their comfort level with the heroes and play exactly the way we want. Please add this feature in ASAP I would use it for most if not all of the characters in this game.