Skygarden map needs major revisions

  • I dread getting this map, mostly because of the terrible spawn camping. Once a team is camping where you land after spawn, there's almost no way to recover or even get out of there.

    The whole jumping over to the map from spawn is a bad idea, allowing the other team to wait for you on the other side.
    Even if that area was made protected, it's so close to the middle point (B) that the opposing team can simply wait there for you at every direction, whether you go mid, left or right.

    I'm sure you've experienced frustrations with this map if you've been on the losing side. Even when I'm winning I stay away from the other team's spawn but maybe I'm too nice, since seems like a lot of players don't play the same.

  • @Jordanzts

    you dont have to leave spawn to regroup.
    lol your issue has nothing to do with the map. you can even jump pad left or right.

    i have not experienced any frustrations on this map. theres nothing wrong with it. no different to any other.