is makuto bad?

  • so i remember playing makuto the first beta and i would never die but i think im in a higher mmr now and every time i play makuto i just fail miserably, die super quick and am unable to win any 1v1s. am i just bad and need to get gud again? or is makuto abit weak?

  • I don’t think there’s MMR yet, but he’s not bad just different. He’s a peel tank. You want him when u got a lot of squishier teammates you can heal beside

  • @D4m0R3d He's not bad at all, switching between his stances is key, he pairs up extremely well with zerocool and kulev, especially zerocool cause he can't really heal himself like miko or kulev. He's not made for 1V1 scenarios, just stay with your healer and everything will be fine.

  • @Votre-Daron well actually in the last few hours i have figured him out. hes actually op in a 1v1, reason being, is that his, hit, hit, hold hit, launching them into the air, kick, swap to speed run forward, rinse and repeat or tackle. very very strong combo.

    @HammerxOfxLight i swear i heard them say there was mmr on a stream, but i might have heard it wrong and they were probs just saying there will be mmr.

    anyways thanks for the tips guys I have kinda been picking him every game but i guess i should only be picking him when i have the right comp with squishies, kulev and zero

  • @D4m0R3d yea I usually pick him when ppl go gizmo Maeve and Zerocool. I don’t think that’s a great comp but he does the best at swatting away the daemon/Cass flies

  • Objective based gameplay is his specialty I've faced someone where I couldn't touch their healer with deamon bc makuta would push me away barge me off the points of control use him as a body block and his slap in a opening he is a great tank if you can disrupt the team like that since he doesn't get stunned from attacks aka hard to use


    yea i have done that myself, makuto definately works well with healers, healers pocket him and in return he protects them. although i personally feel like makuto is amazing at the cell gamemode, beecause hes great at escaping. and can then go and do this when its time to fight. so hes an expert collecter and a great protector during the following fights.

  • Yes, his Repellent ability is waaaaaay too long and practically useless, unless u combine it with some Mods, #notworth. Also, I would like to mention that his Pepeke stance seems underwhelming, as I could never catch up to the enemy. Besides those 2 big issues he is rather decent.

  • @SoM3-R4Nd0M-NuB yea i think that ability is more for escaping. while i will either hover board or charge to catch up with enemies.