Who will you be using first?

  • If the Alpha has every character available who will you be using and why?

    I’ll be using Daemon for sure, because he’s a Samurai and that’s what I always gravitate to.

    However, Kulev fits my play style more for a support character...soo after I get my butt kicked by much better Daemons. I’ll be playing Kulev to help my team!

  • @Uchidan I can't wait for this game to drop Im gonna jump straight into Gizmo, then Nidhoggr....im a New Zealander so really looking forward to Makutu aswell......'Choice pick'
    Sadly we will probably be last picked for alpha even though we are first on earth to see the date of 27th of June argghhh

  • buttercup,
    just started reading about the heroes, imagining their kits through the lens of Gigantic, Battleborn, and Overwatch, when I Got into their backstories. About half the roster in, I'm like alright one of your has to be from Louisiana. Idk why I assumed there would be. As I come upon buttercup, she who had my least interest in playing before knowing anything about her. Anyways, seeing all the international love in lore of the rest of the roster, I have to start with my Louisiana Love, Buttercup. She sounds sort of like Pakko of Gigantic.

  • I really like Miko. Cool design, focused on melee and is a healer also.

  • @Uchidan definitely going with Daemon first, but I'll try to test out everyone I can.

  • @Uchidan intrigued by the character Maeve so I feel like that's who I'm a try first

  • @Uchidan easily el bastardo

  • Makutu, he looks pretty mobile with his speed, and supports his team more compared to other heavies. He looks viable and like my kind of playstyle. But if not him, El Bastardo or Daemon. But honestly, everyone looks great to me. I can't wait for this game.

  • After playing about 2 hours on the Alpha I can safely say that El Bastardo and Maeve are my favorite characters so far and the ones I'll be playing the most at launch. I understand them really well and they fit my playstyle.

  • Maeve, Cass and Buttercup. They're the best.