Cass is easily the most underrated character, change my mind...

  • By looking at the forums I feel as though cass (my main) is easily looked over and I believe no ones just seen a good cass main because everyone's too caught up on playing Buttercup, Nidhogger, Maeve or Daemon and I'm here to tell you, your mains are but mere pray waiting for cass

    Now listen, if you can tell me who you would pick and how you would go about countering Cass without me being able to rebuttal then I will admit you've changed my mind untill then, enjoy trying to counter someone who's got a 3.66 KD with 1h:30m on Cass and is yet to lose in a 1v1 situation

  • @Dz-Mint We all know she is. She's a glass canon character.

  • @Dz-Mint actually 3,66 kd isnt high. Okay, shes one of the best character for 1vs1, maybe the best but in teamfights shes just usless.

  • @ShootaStyle

    hardly useless. just depends how you play and spec her out. I currently main her along with daemon and bastardo. she is my most played though. I have roughly a 6.0 kd on her and 55% win rate just soloing(could probably be even higher if i stacked a team). not sure how i compare to others respectively, but im usually top damage, kills, and alot of times up there on obj score. i harass the backline(healers) constantly knowing i have unlimited escapes to get out once the enemy team focuses me, thus opening the door for my team to push in and harass for free. her dance is amazing damage and shreds teamfights.

  • I guess the reason nobody is talking about her is because nobody wants her to get nerfed. God damnit, getting kills with her is super satisfying ... And you can get plenty of kills with ease.

  • @Dz-Mint
    elbastardo and gizmo counter cass imo also maeve.

  • @D4m0R3d Mave yes but Giz and Bast? No. Bast getss countered by keep away and efficient use of Hightail. Giz get slaughtered when you rush down and use melee. Due to having 2 dodges and cass having two dodges plus two swoops Giz ussually cant win that MU

  • @D4m0R3d
    Actually, none of the ranged characters can counter Cass, they just aren't capable of stopping her. They can't outrun her, and can't disrupt her combos. And even the melee characters don't have a high chance if she has the mod which give back stamina on rake attack. That being said, she excels at 1v1. If the enemy team focuses her, she either dies or has to run away, which in both ways means 1 person down for the team.

  • @OmidRevenGer
    maeve can counter her combos, maeve has longer range and can cage her. with maeve just shoot her, cage her if she tries to run shoot her some more and siphon her, then use her invis thing to catch up to her and shots/ cage her again if you can.

  • @BasedScones

    true but it was about countering her not winning 1v1s against her. 1v1s arent just about characters, but skill. like in theory a dps should beat a healer in a 1v1 but i reckon i could definatly destroy peeps with the odds against my favour, and i have. anyways though.

    el bastardo counters her with his dive, if she tries to run, el bastardo can dive her and cancel her from escaping then keep her in a combo.

    gizmo is good at countering her because gizmo basically makes it hard for cass to get in close, cass also cant do that run away but turn back around to shoot you shit on gizmo. il pose another scenario for you in a 1v1 scene anyways, gizmo has 3 turrets down, cass can get close either by dashing or not, if she doesnt dash in gizmo will probs put in more damage, and by the time she does dash in, she could jump pad out, and continue shooting, all while her turrets are still attacking her, then she still has her bomb to use to keep that extra distance. gizmo wins. would be cool if there was a proper way to test this. but yea 1v1s come down to skill alot of the time. imo

  • @D4m0R3d
    I should have used the word "hard counter" instead of "counter". Yes, the core of Maeve's abilities are capable of countering Cass, but if the cass knows what is she doing, there is no way to catch her. There is always evade to dodge the cage, and even if she gets caught, a smart cass always keeps her swooshes for escaping after the cage. Cause there is no other mobility that can catch up to that.
    As for countering combos, someone like Miko can really mess with cass, because miko can evade and keep hitting her, causing for a chain stun, not to mention that she has passive healing on hit along side with another burst heal. Honestly in my eyes, there is no striking issues with balancing. There is no hard counter, because you can outplay your counters if you play smart...

  • @OmidRevenGer

    same logic, if the maeve knows what shes doing theres no way to escape her. and either way. escaping isnt winning, and pushing a cass out of a fight would mean defeat for her team wouldnt you agree? if cass is pushed out of the fight then it becoems a 3v4 and most likely the 4 will pick of some peeps and by the time cass comes back she will have to be doing a 2v4 or a 1v4.

    i agree there are no striking balancing issues with no one that is hard to counter if you play smart... although gizmo qith 3 turrets is pretty hard to counter and i havent figured a way to counter that yet. but that may just be because my team was bad when that happend. but if you are running zero cool and gizmo with 3 turrets, who do you kill first? by the time you kill zero cool your team will be fucked up by gizmo, and if you all focus gizmo she probs wont die untill your entire team is fucked up cause zero will pocket her. i mean i could be wrong because the game i fought this she had a really good and coordinated team, so idk how it would go in a 1v1.

  • I played in some really good matches this weekend and I feel like she is this games pub stomper. Good in low levels weak in higher tiers. The matches I had where focus and call outs were on point Cass was ineffective.

    When she would try to engage I would just give the call on her and we would focus her down to the point she had to retreat. Maybe no kill her but push her out so it became a 3v4 situation.

    She’s good 1v1 but this game has only small instances on that.

    I was playing gizmo and putting my turrets between me her and repositioned to keep her out. If she went through or took time to kill the turrets I would focus her and drop my bomb on her which I have the slowing mod on it which is huge when u get dove on. She either had to retreat or die.

    And if I was playing with a good buttercup then it was an easier time cause pull oil and her AoE special does quite a bit already, the a sucka on top and she’s pretty much dead.

  • @D4m0R3d Giz with turrets is an easy fix for Cass. All you need to do is strafe while attacking and use swoop when lined up with her and the turrets. Giz cant really stop Cass pressure is Cass is played right. And in the instance of a team fight she is even better. Her ability to quick go to a healer, team or not, is highly valuable. She can get pressure off of your teams healer quickly or she can rush down the enemy healer and keep them from healing with melee and pressure. Plus if you add on the mods for incresed ranged damage, swoop adding 10 percent more damage and Swoop having slow you basically cant be stopped or caught in any normal means. Cass is easily one of the easiest characters to break 15k damage and not die with.

  • @HammerxOfxLight even against buttercup and bastardo Cass is effective. Using a slowing swoop against butter basically keeps her locked down and even if she uses hook, Cass can just use hightail to make distance. Or even swoop. Cass can become basically unstoppable if played correctly. Just gotta learn to pick fights and know your targets. Shes all about rush down pressure and supporting healers to build up blade dance and then doing huge dps in team fights

  • @HammerxOfxLight
    oh yea buttercup is a really good counter to cass.


    hightail doesnt get cass far, only like 3 metres back. that is within range of buttercups hook, or she can simply just dash to her, and if she has cass oiled she already cant move fast. also do you know about buttercups hold down attack, its literally like makutos only you charge it, it goes further and its faster. cass cant escape that. so if you still need to make the distance, just use that, and what does cass have left, there isnt any cooldown on that attack either

    same for bastardo, you dive her get her in a combo, dash her when the combo throws her, start combo again or she runs, if she dont run you can take the shield out and get ready to dive again in wich case she will be low af.

    either way if you push her out of a fight you win.

  • @D4m0R3d yea. Pretty much the only time I was worried about her is when my team wasn’t calling out or had a weak comp. in my strongest groups she was a non issue, and frankly a huge weight on their team.

    I honestly think she needs buffed some. She needs an hp buff, about 30-50 base ho, and a nerf to blade dance.

  • @HammerxOfxLight

    yea her blade dance ult is supppper powerfull, that combod with a nidhoggr ult would basically wipe a team.

  • @D4m0R3d well heres the thing. While it might not go far you forgot about the verticality of it. She can easily evade characters without high jumps but hightailing to an upper platform. Plus you would never want to use a swoop on a tank unless you know you can kill so the swoops are more often used for slowing or evasion. And in that department there isnt anyone who can really keep up with her other than deamon. And swoop recharges fast enough that even if he sprays you, you can still swoop out. In almost every single characters attack strings there is one or two gaps that you can use for a parry or in Cass's case. Use to swoop or hightail out. So while you might be able to push her out a fight. Her ability to maneuver better than most the cast leads her to having very high survival ability if played smart

  • There’s actually a tweet on their official twitter showcasing her mobility but the second she lands she gets focused out and has to retreat. She grabs a health pack and ults and kills half the team.

    This is pretty much my argument. Needs hp buffs and an ult nerf