PVP Suggestions

  • can you guys add BOT in the game? like in the tutorial, some time player left the match and replace a AI that will be cool.

  • @Thebasser69

    how would that work on a cell mode though? like when a bot collects cells what happens when someone takes over, it just drops them all? maybe they could get this to work but idk

  • I think it would be best not to have bots in public matches personally. You can just imagine the bot being farmed for points.

    At least if you're a player or 2 down, you can huddle up in spawn and wait for people to join rather than running into your death and feeding points which could be the difference between an almighty comeback!

    I know I'd end up getting way more frustrated with a Bot than having no one at all for a short period!

  • @x-AmberPrice yea exactly what i was thinking. lol imagine the bot going out solo, collecting cells only to give them all to the enemy