• I been playing the beta a whole lot and been enjoying the game. Somethings just feel a bit broken and need to be changed.

    Maeve feels a bit too powerful, a nerf of some sort in the future maybe?

    Bastardo feels a bit too powerful as well, a nerf for him also?

    It can get annoying when your fighting someone and they just start running away, even when they are full HP, maybe add a system where you get a de-buff if you run away from a fight without reasoning?

    Just a few suggestions I have, feel free to let me know if I'm stupid or something.

  • @GuyNamedPubert

    hmmmm meave is powerfull but op... i dunno, when thinking about if she can 1v1 everyone and win i dont think she can, shes good at evading yes, but so is daemon, cas, elbastardo, and all healers.

  • Never stupid for providing feedback based off your experience!

    You'll find everyone has their own opinions on which fighters are stronger than others, you could play Bingo on which character thread asking for a buff/nerf will appear next 🙂 I think if anything that suggests the fighter balancing is generally pretty good. And it's only been very very finely tweaked since early Alpha days so I wouldn't expect much in that regard.

    It definitely can be frustrating to see an enemy get away with 1 tick of health remaining. There are multiple character abilities to help counter this though. Buttercup's Oil Slick and Hook, El Bastardo's Leap, Gizmo's Bouncer with the speed boost Mod, etc. It'll get better the more you play. Likewise, the more we play, the more we'll find creative ways of disengaging on low health to counter the counters and continue frustrating our opponents 🙂 I think adding any debuff on top of all of that will get complicated