Gizmo is God damn busted !

  • I know it might sound silly, but in my 4 hours of play with gizmo, I got top damage 99% of the times by a loooong shot. Like, double the amount of second top damage ! And with the card that makes you run 30% faster after using jump pad, you will be really hard to catch. She's actually hard to catch even without that card (Just throw your sucka at your feet while you're running). So I guess a little bit of damage nerf is required for her.

  • @OmidRevenGer

    ehhh players like daemon and elbastardo can fuck her up. or other ranged characters. and she is a dps shes kinda supposed to do more damage, but maybe a tiny tiny nerf on her guns damage wont hurt

  • Actually, daemon and el bastardo could be a counter to her, if the 30% movement speed mod didn't exist. With that in her loadout, the just can not reach her. Nobody can (Except for cass)

  • Shes really not. Jump on her, and stay on her, she will struggle when u burn her dashes and pad.

  • @vDangnoob When elbastardo has just dashes, she has the sucka, so it's either you avoid it and lose one dash or lose one dash avoiding it, and you can jump on her once when she can dash two times and use her jump pad. We have to look at it in a team fight cause it's a team fight game, she just stays behind puts her two turrets and you're having hard time catching her. She's top damage every single fight and seen every single fight. The only fighter I see going after her is cass and she still gets annihilated if the turrets are up. She also has a lot of health for a long range character making it very difficult to kill her sometimes.

  • Cass can easily counter a gizmo, cass's range is only a little shorter than gizmo but with the high mobility cass has, she can close the gap between each other and turn it into a melee which in any situation gizmo loses in

  • Hook her with buttercup

  • @Dz-Mint Cass can easily conter a Gizmo. Really
    Gizmo is the character I play the most and believe me, Cass only wins if she uses the special.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR I played a bunch of well coordinated games vs good Cass this weekend. I was gizmo. In well coordinated games Cass was a non issue. A quick focus on her and she was done. Either dead or retreating. Ppl running her against us was a guaranteed win. Gizmo saves mech for blade dance too and burns her to death.

    Buttercup and dps focus counters both Zerocool and gizmo.

  • @Votre-Daron

    el bastardo has 3 dashes, and usually when a gizmo throws the bomb you can use that oportunity to dive her or you can dash towards her avoiding the bomb while closing the distance, but ordinarily she wont get far enough away from you unless she uses jump pad and then throws the bomb, but in that case you would just dive at that point.

    now when she has places to jump up to thats when it becomes very difficult to kill her. or a healer with her. when she has a healer with her, you are basically fucked unless you have 3 peeps, cause you gotta kill that healer fast enough for her not to fuck you up so that you are still capable of killing her after.

    i would also say buttercup can fuck her up. the oil slick, then grapple. wont even matter if she bombs you, just grapple her and oil her, wont matter if she jumps away shel either be oil slicked or you can grapple her.

    id also say maeve counters her, if you have maeves extra 25% range mod. but either way maeve is good against her in team fights. maeve is capable of holding her down while the teamates end her.