Maybe some balancing problems?

  • My Friends and i think it's too easy to run away, especially for some Charakters like Cass.
    Her range (in Addition to her Damage) is to high for her Speed. Ist feels like the is an OP Char.

    ZeroCool's heal could be too strong in Addition to his life

    But all in all it's a great game

  • @freohr120

    nah dude zero cool defs inso op. he heals the best but hes got the shittest defence. super ez to kill him. and yea cass can run away really well and do the whole come back if you decide to stop chasing her and shoot you only to run away with ez if you go back onto her. but i think in return for that she is still easy to kill and isnt as good in team fights. so shes really good in the cell mode but not the best in objective mode. maybe they could reduce her sprint speed so peeps can catch her on hover board but that may already be a thing, i usually just let them run.

  • @D4m0R3d Yeah but I think they should add something that slows fighters when they only have 10 or 20% of their health how many times a daemon came in and got out with less than 20% of his health. You just find yourself running after them, when they have like 15 power cells or something and it could be very rage inducing sometimes.

  • @D4m0R3d sorry but cass is easily the most versatile in team battles her high mobility means she can pick and choose whoever she wants to contest meaning she can pick of a zero cool or totally disrupt a whole team by herself, and since she also has long range attacks she doesnt need to take any damage during those first team collisions which means that healers dont need to worry about healing her.