Unbalanced game - 2

  • Matchmaking does not work. Stop putting dumb people to play with others. This game is broken, because people don't know how to focus on goals and fight at the same time. They always choose to fight and forget the goal. Even if you indicate the object a thousand times they don't understand the game. So there is no point in putting dumb people with experienced people. The only way to fix this problem is to put the good teams on one side and the donkeys on the other, because they either learn to play with the team on the other side or the game will be an eternal game for idiots where some try to save the game and other idiots screwing up in the match. This game is not for everyone the more trying to make this game for everyone the more crap it will get. Smite, DBD and so many others survive without these people.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR

    they are making a comp mode. wich obviously will match people with people in there skill bracket. also you should have put all these posts in one post. also i think it has an mmr system. but obviously the mmr system will take some time to kick into work and start properly matching people with the same skill level.