Excited For This Game

  • I Played this game a lot during the first beta and i can't wait for the second beta. I'm really looking forward to playing more of this game. It is a nice change from overwatch due to all the smurfs it has become so frustrating and not much fun any more. In the future i would like to see more characters different game modes and better character balancing but so far i enjoy playing this game a lot. Hopefully for the up coming beta we might see a new character be released that would be cool. This game gives me some serious mad max vibes which is awesome because i really liked the game an movie so far my favorite characters to play are Makutu and Buttercup. I'm not sure if this game is strictly only going to be 4v4 but i would like to see bigger team games like 5v5 or 6v6.i have a lot of friends and it would suck to not be able to play with them just because we didn't have enough room on our team plus i always been a fan of having more people in the game. Big team battles have always been my favorite no matter what game i would be playing weather it be halo or cod or team fortress 2. When this game comes out i hope it takes off and does well i'd hate to see it go under like so many other games. It would be nice to see this game become popular and get tons of love and support. I wish the developers the best of luck.

  • Hell yeah, dude. I'm so horny for this game. March 13th/24th can't come quick enough~

    Also https://twitter.com/BleedingEdgeNT/status/1235476401274474496 peep this out my dude.

  • @CoachGoopert Oh thanks my dude thats awesome i can't wait. I also forgot to mention that this game also reminds me of the movie Alita battle angel because of the characters that have modified there body with parts and machinery. That movie was one of the best movies i have watched so its cool to see some similarities or ideas from these things i like and put into another thing i like.

  • Yup! I can't wait for the full release. Will be streaming this game as well