Reworking the cells game mode+other fun modes, maybe?

  • What if, instead of having the cells just spawn randomly out of thin air, we had like bosses spawning in the map walking and running, when killed these would drop cells but also give you speed buffs, damage buffs, defense buffs etc...This would also comback to BE's moba roots.

    What would be great too would be having different map stages and every map would change like a maze, you then have a big normal point where you have to win the teamfight in order to gain some advance on the enemy team while this one has a 10 seconds penalty.You earn points by being the first one team to arrive as an entirety to these said points, but also the team who wins the most fights, while this would be a design challenge from the maze concept (or even stupi), it would be a team deathmatch but somewhat original.

    Another one would be the destruction of 2 points but from the joust concept of smite, it would have two phases, the first one being: You have to collect some sort of explosives that spawn at certain locations (not out of thin air though). The second phase would be to protect but also attack the enemy team's objective. If you don't succeed in destroying an objective in a said time, you cannot use the explosives you have in hand anymore and you have to get other new ones. At the end of the match it's the team with the most points destroyed that wins the match. You can however defuse the detonator stuck to your point (an idea from plants vs zombies).

    While these might not be suiting for BE I had fun imagining them or atleast some part of 'em, it would be great if you could help or give your opinion.

  • BUMP, I want to see more creative ideas like this in the forums!

    Minions and NPC AI sound great! I mean I can only assume something like that will appear eventually. It would make for a great game mode anyway. I don't think we should change the fuel cell mode so drastically in favor of that though. The collection mode was really fun for me, and anytime I see criticism of it I worry that they don't truly get how it works (sometimes it's super obvious they don't). They want to fight, which is fine, but they don't fight over the objective like they should. Anytime I see the collection phase pass and only like 4 fuel cells total have been collected I'm super confused by it. By the second or third collection phase over 50 fuel cells should be in play. Makes the game a lot more tense and fast-paced when you're doing everything you can to prevent an enemy with 10 of them from turning in, and suddenly killing them goes from earning you 1 point to earning you 11 points in both the flat bonus and obtained fuel cells.

    I do kind of agree that it's weird how random the locations for the cell spawns are there. Goblins running around with fuel cells strapped to their backs that drop when attacked or killed may be a pretty good idea.

    The maze map concept vaguely sounds like my idea for a team death match mode as well, but slightly different. A lot of players have been requesting a more combat-centric mode where killing IS the objective, always, so we can probably expect to see something similar to what you're talking about eventually. My take on that is that when an objective opens up, it traps players in the area immediately around a point in a cage and forces them to fight until there's only one team remaining in the cage or the timer runs out. If you don't make it to the cage in time, you don't get to help your team earn that point. There could still be multiple open objectives as well like there normally are, making you choose between splitting the party or not. A good point set up for this could be 1 point for kills and 5 points for winning a cage match, with max points being 50? In objective control, points are open for 80s and give 1 point/s, so they're worth 80 points total. Since TDM is more about the kills, I lowered that slightly to 5 out 50 (10%) compared to 80 out of 600 (13.33%). Alternatively, cage matches provide only like 2-3 points, but double the point reward for killing enemies instead. The former would encourage splitting for multiple objectives, while the latter would encourage grouping more.

    I haven't played Smite much, but that last one kind of sounds like a take on Capture the Flag, or maybe like Counterstrike lol? It could also be that you alternate which team is doing the bombing and which one is doing the protecting.

    I'd also like to see a Protect the King style match, where either both teams has a player they MUST protect, or there's a crown that anyone can get that'll make you tankier but perhaps slower, and the enemy team has to target the king to bring the crown back to their side.

  • @Evade-This5965 Battleborn had minions and it frightened the casual players community, but if they put in minions without any serious moba style behind it, it could work.

    I love the goblin's idea, cause I just find the cells spwn location extremely random and I hate seeing things come out of thin air.

    Your DTM concept is more thought out than mine and I like it too, I just hope that there's a good tutorial for it that helps people understand how it works without being too complicated.

    If there's a "destroy the point" game mode, i hope that we'll get different maps than what we have now.

    If there's a protect the king game mode, I would like to see a fifth player added who is the king, but the crown game mode sounds like a capture the flag but slightly diffrent, I like it.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions with me it was very interesting. Thank you.