Beta test feedback

  • A list of bugs/suggestions I found while playing the Beta last weekend

    • When pinging a point as Makutu he always says "let's go to obj A" regardless of what point you ping

    • I would like to be able to hold down "Tab" to see the stats from the match and be able to continue moving, at the moment pushing tab disables all movement.

    • Key binds per hero

    • When selecting a loadout from the hero select screen at the start on the match I felt there was no tangible way to confirm a selection. You can move left to right to view them but it would feel better if I could hit a "select" button to visually confirm I had selected that loadout.

    • I would love some more time at the end of the match screen. by the time the progress animation has ended, I have like 10 seconds to compare the stats. Seeing as at the moment there is no auto queue for the next match I don't see a reason to kick someone out so quickly.

    • Could we have an auto queue for the next match so you don't have to click "Fight" every time

    • would like to know more about how you can earn the gear currency used to craft mods as well as when I should expect to earn mod and how I unlock them.

  • +1 A lot of very good suggestions in here.