Welp time to get banned (Beta feedback)

  • Because of the internet, I feel like I need to say that this is IMO, but I'm sure someone will have something to say about this.

    ...This game isn't that fun...

    If you want the sum up go to the bottom if not read on

    Three classes are not balanced.

    Attackers<Support<Tanks<Attackers. Attackers should be able to kill supports faster than they can heal, support should be able to sustain through tanks defense, Tanks can outlive attackers and kill them from endurance. That is how it should be, but that's not how it is. Attacks struggle to kill supports because their defensive/sustain kills can make it harder for that to happen. Supports can't deal enough damage and stalemate with them. Tanks can't keep up with attackers leading to chasing which in this game is annoying. If the game gave attackers crit chance to burst down supports if support had more percentage attacks and attacks that do shield pens, and tanks provide more CC (except Buttercup). I thought about this when playing Nidhogg and thinking "If he is the anti-tank, who counters him?" The classes need to use the rock-paper-scissors method in deciding roles. Or else you end like me....in a 1v1 fight, Miko vs Mokato for over a minute because neither of us can kill the other.

    The MOD system and the Overwatch issues:

    I had this complaint about Battleborn as well as this game is that having only 3 slots doesn't feel like it gives you options but only gives you limitations. Shuffling thought the kinds of builds I realized no matter what I picked I was going to have this feeling that I was lacking something, and no in the strength and weakness kind of way. The slots should be increased to 5 giving players better options for fine-tuning their heroes. And the "Overwatch issue", the issues with Overwatch is how there is a "correct" way to play a hero that is present in BE. Being Zero means beam healing and ranged poke, if you play Buttercup it's about grabs if you play Maeve it is about caging and blah blah blah. Your style playing in the style of playing. The second and this may be more of personal taste, but in a hero shooter if you allow hero change mid-match that is bad character design. The characters lack a variety in playstyle and can not adapt to a situation. It doesn't matter how good of a Mercy/Zero you are they are not working in the team comp they are not working. Characters should be design to be able to adapt to changes in the match, this is why gizmo is being stomped on.

    Team Force, not Teamwork:

    Working as a team in this game is not as important as the number player you have on your team. Because of the high TTK making ever hero feel like a bullet sponge means that solo fights feel like a slog if it isn't two attackers against each other. The formula for winning feels like it is, 45% number of players, 45%communication, and 10% skill. Because not everyone on your team will have a mic, or communicate via the ping system you will your almost completely relying on numbers. When you are in play being alone is such a bad idea that the tip prompt suggests not doing it. For the most part, you will need to use the buddy system and most fights need to be team fights. While playing any kills my team got was done as a team, mostly because unless you are playing Daemon, Buttercup, or chicken legs chasing is a pain. One of the biggest advantages of ganging up on opponents is preventing them from running away. Think about how many times you died to a single-player versus the times you die versus one player.

    Low skill ceiling:

    This game doesn't take that much skill and in fact, the biggest contributing factors are the number of players in a fight and effective communication. The skill level the individual player does not translate well in this game. Allow me to explain with a few examples. In a balanced team fight (one of each class) the fight can stalemate as the tanks never seem to die, the support keeps everyone alive, and the attackers run in and out of combat. While your team is going for the support the enemy team is doing the same, in the power cell mode I have had teams just fight with no deaths through a whole round. What this means is that as long as you know how to use your hero's skill it really doesn't matter how well you play. This leads to unsatisfying kills and wins, there are no epic plays, no clutch moments, no outplays, and no high tension skirmishes. Which ends in boring and predictable matches.

    Power up?:

    If the game is going to throw in power-ups throw-in in power-ups, not one power-up. The power-ups could have been an interesting mix-up of gameplay and priority instead there is one power up box that no one really seems to care about. Attack damage is the only one? why? Defense up, reflective damage, crit up, speed up, quick mounting speed, not flinching, life regen, cooldown reduction, attack range, attack speed, shield pen, max life up, max stamina up, and the list goes on and on. My idea is that players would have 3 slots to equip power-up that would incorporate in players builds, and that power-ups would have diminishing returns for stacking. Example the attack up power-up would start with a 25% increase, to 40%, to 50 percent. Power-ups are dropped when killed or can be taken back to base and dropped so other players can grab them.


    Capturing a point should take longer and the time should be increased depending on how many allies or enemies are on it. Traps should give a visual icon to when they are about to come. Allow a quick-mount mechanic that is used when fleeing combat, if you haven't attacked anyone in 10 seconds, and have been running for 5 just let them quick mount to stop the annoying chasing. All heroes should have passive healing when out of combat. Burl's life regen needs to be higher. Everyone should have a "board to customize", customize buttercup tires or something. The game isn't officially released yet stop calling characters your "main" geez. Stop matchmaking is almost done games.

    [the bottom]

    The game needs work in terms of balancing, hero kits, playstyle customize, and match flow. I found myself not having fun with the gameplay, unsatisfying fights, mixed with the frustration of losing from lack of teammates over lack of skills. Twice I said out loud "I'm done with this." Despite if I was winning or losing it felt the same, I didn't learn any tricks or build that felt like they mattered. All games were predictable depending on if I had a full team, and if they had mics. I expect to play it again after its releases to compare to my 1st impressions, but being a beta I doubt much will change.

  • I don't see why you'd expect to be banned. This forum is going to be used heavily for feedback throughout the next month or two. All feedback is good feedback if you ask me.

    As for your post, I see a lot of valid criticisms. I'd be lying if I said I haven't shared some similar concerns at times. Particularly about the low skill ceiling, the ability to change characters in the middle of the match, and drawn-out fights leading to a repetitive game of rotations. I definitely agree that the objective capturing and point progression needs to be adjusted to favor playing the objective more. Making mod builds consist of 5 slots instead of 3 is a welcomed idea too.

    Sounds like this simply may not be the game for you. Personally, I see a ton of potential and I'm willing to stick with it while its still in need for polishing. Up to you to decide what you wanna do! Cheers, man.

  • All feedback is welcome and you make some very good points especially on the power ups. I would like to see a timer when you grab that power up to know how much you time have left for that specific power up. I know there's a timer for it to respawn which is 1:20 so that's good but no timer on the side to know how much time you have left for that buff on your hero.